Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PRESENTATION 4th February, 2014

At a function in Waterford, yesterday February 4th, Dolmen Active Retirement Association kindly presented a cheque to Alice Kiersey, manageress of Portlaw's Dr. Martin Day Centre for the Elderly, consisting of the proceeds of a raffle at the association's annual Christmas  dinner, plus a contribution from the association's own funds. Dolmen ARA, now over twelve years in existence, caters for active retired people in a wide area of east Waterford. In additions to monthly meetings, quite a number of day outings, longer trips, and various other activities are held. One and two-day trips to Dublin theatres, by train,  have been most popular. New members are most welcome. Monthly meetings are held at the 'Holy Cross', first Tuesday of each month, from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm, where visiting speakers talk on varied topics.

Left to right:  Cecily Cunningham - newly-elected Chairperson of Dolmen ARA; Alice Kiersey - Dr. Martin Centre; Aileen Stevenson - outgoing Chairperson of Dolmen ARA; Anne Corcoran - Dr. Martin Centre.

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Welcome to both Alice and Sharon, now assisting with co-authoring this Blog!

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Photos from the 2013 Christmas party will continue to be added to the relevant section
for some time to come.

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