Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We are on the lookout for old-fashioned furniture, old-fashioned cups, saucers and plates for the centre. If you're not using them anymore, we would appreciate receiving them as we would like to go with a more traditional/old-fashioned theme here.

There will be some  new activities for the Winter months, such as flower arranging and cookery classes. Calling all good cooks in the local areas if you have any suggestions, tips, ideas we would really appreciate them. Anyone with good recipes for home baking please feel free to call in to give us a hand. We would like to make up a booklet of  all the good recipes and try them out here at the centre.

DON’T  FORGET!  We are heading to Hook Head and Loftus Hall on Thursday the 25th of September. If anyone would like to come, please let us know.  The cost is 25 euro per person.

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