Tuesday, November 3, 2015



We will have some new activities for the winter months such as Flower Arranging starting on Tuesday the 10th of  November,  2-4 in the afternoons. We will be making Christmas puddings on Tuesday the 17th of November 2-4, and are looking for volunteers to help us out. Calling all good cooks in the local areas; if you have any suggestions, tips, ideas we would really appreciate them. Anyone with good recipes for home baking please feel free to call in to give us a hand. We would like to make up a booklet of all the good recipes and try them out here at the centre.

 If anyone in surrounding areas would like to come to the Dr Martin Day Centre, and need transport we would be happy to try and arrange transport.  If lack of transport is preventing people from coming to centre, please contact the centre and we will do our best to sort the situation.

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